The Right Ingredients

In any business, having a proven system and a consistent approach is vital to the path of success. In real estate, Reapfield Group has over 30 years of experience to guide and partner with you. We have a wide range of programmes and courses available to every real estate agent, whether you are a senior agent or just getting started.

Training with RED

Reapfield Experiential Development


Reapfield has 30 years worth of experience and we bring relevance, clarity and fun to the course!


Advanced courses designed for experienced and senior Real Estate Negotiators.

Platform for Business

Primary & Secondary Market

Alpha Team

The Alpha Team is a highly driven team of RENs focusing on the primary market, with systems and structures set to produce the best results.

Reapfield International

Reapfield International focuses on the buyer and aims to help clients achieve their real estate ambitions internationally.


Workplace by Facebook

Reapfield is the first Real Estate agency in Malaysia to use Workplace by Facebook for our business. Workplace is a secure space for companies to communicate and collaborate with one another. AirAsia & Wallmart are some of the notable brands currently using Workplace too.

Since the beginning of 2017, it has been Reapfield’s platform for internal communication and an online resource center for our growing community of over 900 agents, helping us serve our clients better.

How we used it:

  • With 12 offices located across Malaysia, Workplace integrates our communication, breaking potential barriers.
  • With fellow agents co-sharing listings & information on Workplace, we work with more efficiency in servicing our clients.
  • Reapfield International uses Workplace to LIVE launches of new developments or properties in the UK.


Real Estate Diploma

Be an amazing negotiator with a Diploma in Real Estate with our selection of top Universities in Malaysia.


Experience our great culture, develop and learn new skills by working hands-on on our projects.